SELECTED credentials

Dinner Date (2019) (short) by Isobella Hubbard - DoP

A Cup of Coffee with Marilyn (2019) (short) by Alessandra Gonnella - DoP

Rain by YOVA (2019) (music video) by Haze Films Ltd. - DoP

This is on you by Maisie Peters (2019) (music video) by Warner Music - DoP

How dare you! (2018) (short) by Dimitar Stoyanov - DoP

Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley (2018) (bbc doc) - B camera operator

Kantsaywhere (2018) (short) by Kate Roxburgh & Shay Kuehlmann - DoP

State of Grace (2018) (music video) by Intraspectrum Studios - DoP

Happy House of Horror (2017) (commercial) by Hux Productions - DoP

Love and Spirit (2018) (short) by Helen Totton - DoP

Crazier (2017) (music video) by Warner Music - DoP

Fool's Gold (2017) (short) by Hannah Rogers - DoP

Lighting Strikes (2017) (music video) by Intraspectrum Studios - DoP

Daughter (2017) (short) by Rozh Surchi - DoP

Loose Ends (2017) (short) by Natalie Burt - DoP

Velvet Hour (2016) (short) by Shireen Vasseghi - DoP

Half Tone (2015) (short) by Raluca Ionescu - DoP

Mowgli (2019) - Reference Camera Lead Operator

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) - Reference Camera Operator

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Reference Camera Operator

Midsomer Murders (2014) (tv drama) - Camera Trainee

Law & Order (2014) (tv drama) - Camera Trainee

Midsomer Murders (2013) (tv drama) - Camera Trainee

This is a list of selected credentials. Further experience includes many more short films, music videos and commercial work as Director of Photography. And a wide range of jobs as focus puller and clapper loader.



Sept 2010 - Nov 2012
BA Cinematography

Met Film School (London, UK)

Jan 2010 - March 2010

Short course Film Making

CREA (Amsterdam, NL)

Sept 2006 - Sept 2009
BA Theatre and Performance

Leeds University (Leeds, UK)