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Barbara van Schaik


Barbara is a Dutch cinematographer, based in London and with an unusual background that began with acting in theatre. 

She then continued on to study cinematography first at the Met Film School and afterwards at the prestigious National Film and Television School, both based in the UK. 

Barbara has currently been working in the UK film industry for over 10 years. She shot many a short film (several of which have won many awards), and a wide range of music promos and commercial content.

The short A Cup of Coffee with Marylin by Alessandra Gonnella is currently in development to becoming a Television series. 

Another project to mention is Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell my Daughter about Men; a multi-director feature film (narrative) created by Lorien Haynes. Barbara shot a large part of this interesting project that is created in support of survivors of sexual abuse: "23 short films, 21 female directors, 1 movie feature to support survivors of sexual abuse."



someone who gains energy from being around people

The Dutch

people who speak their mind and are down to earth


Music, dance, psychology, food, art, passionate people


Trained theatre actor who fell in love with lighting.

Coffee with Marilyn poster film still_edited.png


first dutch

then English

dutch sign language

some spanish

some french

When I grow up

I'd like to work with tilda swinton please, thank you

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